Reality Blog: The Best Time to Contact a Prospect

Reconnecting old friends is one thing social media platforms like Facebook have been great about.

You probably have some old school friends you’ve lost contact with, yet social media helps you get back in touch.

The platforms are also great at reminding you about their special events… birthdays, anniversaries, or special moments.

When you get a programmed nudge reminding you it’s their special day, it gives you a chance to send your best wishes. And it gives you an opportunity to reconnect.

Sometimes, you may even send a card or give them a call and it renews your friendship and you start keeping in touch regularly.

If you’ve reconnected with an old friend, you know how great it makes you feel.


What if you could apply that principle to building your copywriting business?

What if you could take those special moments in time and turn them to your advantage?

Reality Blog: The Best Time to Contact a Copywriting Prospect

You can.

And you don’t have to hope it happens. You can make it happen.

In business, those types of events have a special name… and they offer you a valuable opportunity.

I had an experience with this earlier this week. Here’s what happened…

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  1. Shadrach Anekwe says:

    I am happy with this piece. I will try and see how to take advantage of social platforms. But the drawback is that I am a newbie that is still learning the metrics. I need to learn a lot about email prospecting, landing page, etc. More guide in those areas, and many more will be appreciated.

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