Reality Blog: Why I Keep Working

Have you ever felt like it’s time to throw in the towel?

You know that term, right? It comes from the world of boxing. When a fighter can’t go another round, his manager throws a towel into the center of the ring.

The match is over… a clear, undeniable admission of defeat.

Have you ever felt that way?

I have… more than once.


Don’t be.

I know… if you’ve followed this blog and read other articles written by and about me, you’ve heard my success stories.

How I’m kickin’ butt, creating a fast-growing freelance copywriting business while still holding down a full-time job.

And… the stories are all true.

Reality Blog: Why I Keep Working on My Freelance Copywriting Business

What you don’t hear about are the times when you’ll find Steve curled up in a corner, cowering in the dark.

(Omigosh! What a picture, LOL… Sorry!)

More importantly, you don’t hear what I do to get out of that corner and back in the fight. How I use the “towel” to wipe off the sweat and keep punching.

Well, today… that’s gonna change.

So, if you’re ever feeling frustrated and thinking you’ll just throw in the towel…


Read this instead.

And, stay in the game…

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3 Responses to “Reality Blog: Why I Keep Working”

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  1. Jim Walbridge says:

    Thanks, Steve… I needed that!

  2. cboltbiz says:

    I’m new to this B2B copy stuff, but not new to copywriting. I’ve studied off and on for years. I’ve never landed a big client yet, but very few small projects here and there through the years.

    I admit I did quite a few times and it was hard to start back. I’ve been back at it for a little over a year, still no paid work but I’m not quitting. I have slacked off some recently while working on another project that soon will give me some income while working on my copywriting career, but I back it part-time.

    Your article Steve has inspired me to not give up again.

    I needed this today.

    Thank for sharing.

  3. Jeffrey Mangus says:

    Steve, I so needed this today. I am working very hard to build my business.I’m in Full-Time and I’ve picked my niche and have dove in with all I’ve got. I’m writing for the pet industry and studying my market, marketing my company, Pitching my service by sending warm non- salesey emails, calling companies from my research and the master list I have built.
    I am making some headway but feel sometimes from all the work I’m putting in the results are not there as of yet.
    My wife doesn’t understand why I’ve chosen to niche down and only work in one industry. She feels I should help everyone. But I have told her that niche down helps me to market and direct my focus which I like.

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