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Copywriting Tips from the Movies

Copywriting Tips from the Movies

August 13, 2018 | By Ricki Linksman | No Comments

You’ve decided to take a little time to relax by watching a movie. But which one? And where?

There are so many options today… hundreds of movies are available through TV, online, or at the movie theater.

Movie producers invest millions of dollars hoping to attract and delight viewers. Which movie is going to sound so compelling that it captures your attention?

Copywriting Tips from the Movies

Copywriting is similar. People are continuously bombarded with print and web copy vying for attention. Which one will they read?

The same principles that make a movie stand out can make your copy stand out from the rest.

The art of screenwriting provides some tips to help make sure your copy is read and make you a better copywriter.

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Ricki Linksman

Ricki Linksman is an AWAI-trained freelance copywriter and also has a blog site She is a member of PWA, ITWPA, and AWAI’s Circle of Success.

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