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Reality Blog: 5 Ways Reading Helps B2B Copywriters

Reality Blog: 5 Ways Reading Helps B2B Copywriters

August 1, 2018 | By Steve Maurer | 1 Comment

I’ve spoken of my library before. And how I mistakenly thought that a copywriter’s library should be filled with impressive works about the art and craft of writing copy, marketing oneself, and business in general.

And… how I was so very wrong.

Reality Blog: 5 Ways Reading Helps B2B Copywriters

It was actually an “A-list” copywriter who set me straight. Bob Bly was the very first “real” copywriter I encountered through a video on the Internet.

I thought, “I want to be successful like him someday!”

Still do.

Over the past few years, Bob and I have exchanged emails and had phone calls… and I was even lucky enough to eat dinner with him at AWAI’s Networking Dinner at Bootcamp.

And many of our conversations had nothing to do with copywriting… or books about copywriting.

I’d been steadily going down the road to the writer’s life with blinders on. Afraid to look at anything but copywriting information, I was missing books and articles that would enrich my life.

And… my copywriting prowess.

It’s been said that readers are leaders, and that’s true. In fact, there is science to back that up.

In a blog article from May 2015, publisher and entrepreneur Michael Hyatt explained the concept and offered five ways reading develops and empowers readers.

Mr. Hyatt himself is a self-pronounced “content junkie,” reading more than just business news and information.

Even Steve Jobs was a reader, somewhat obsessed with the poetry of William Blake.

My library may not be as impressive as the Library of Alexandria (the original was one of the Seven Wonders of the World), or as extensive as the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.

But… it serves me well and continues to expand all the time.

I’ve discovered five ways reading benefits us as B2B copywriters.

The first is very advantageous in our profession…


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  • This caught my eye since I am an avid reader of many different types of literature. I like to change it up and love my little side trips to the library when I’m not busy with my “Mom/Wife Duties” running me ragged. It’s one of my “escapes”. I write whatever comes to mind in my handy-dandy Little Fat Notebook that I take with me everywhere! (You never know what you need to remember as your day progresses). I also bring along a sketch pad, and all the accoutrements for drawing in case something interesting jumps out at me and inspires me to draw it. I’ve labeled myself a “doodler”, but in reality, I’m still a practicing artist. Thank you for this article! It encourages me to continue what I’ve loved doing since I learned how to read English (it’s my second language)! One of these days, when I’m “all grown up”, I will be as successful as everyone here who are helping us become better at who we are! Thanks again!!

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