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Reality Blog: 7 Steps to Setting Successful Goals

Reality Blog: 7 Steps to Setting Successful Goals

August 8, 2018 | By Steve Maurer | No Comments

I’ve got a pair of glasses I use for close-up work — reading, writing… that sort of stuff. They go with me everywhere, including my job. Some of the labels on the equipment seem printed in much smaller fonts than they used to be.

At least… that’s my story. And I’m stickin’ to it!

Since they’re always with me, my glasses get banged around a lot. If they’re not on my face, they’re in my pocket.

A lot of what I do — particularly at work — is quite physical.

The inevitable bumps and drops can’t be avoided it seems.

Anyway, I put them on the other day and something didn’t feel quite right. I could see okay… they just didn’t seem to fit.

I wandered into the bathroom to brush my teeth and comb what hair I have left before sitting down to write.

Peering into the mirror, the problem with my eyeglasses was evident… the nose pad on the right side was bent. Not just a little… it was digging into my nose.

I should have noticed earlier. But seeing the problem in the mirror showed me exactly what was wrong. Grabbing a pair of needle-nose pliers, I adjusted the pad so it fit perfectly.

Ah… that felt a whole lot better!

Reality Blog: 7 Steps to Setting Successful Goals

Sometimes seeing things from a different perspective makes a huge difference.

You know, sometimes we’re so close to our businesses that we fail to see the “bent nose pad.” We ought to know why we’re not moving as quickly as we should. But we don’t.

And we struggle along until we look into a “mirror” that provides a different perspective.

I got a different perspective this week on setting goals.

It all started with an e-book bought from Amazon, written by a man I deeply admire. I’d actually met him several years ago at a business convention.

He had a funny-sounding name; but his principles were as solid as a block foundation.

Here’s what I learned… from Zig.

Setting goals… the right way


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