Reality Blog: How to Build a Better Prospect List

I had an interesting call recently.

The conversation wasn’t about what plugins I use on my website or how I balance my time, what with working a full-time job and all.

Instead, it was another common question new copywriters have.

I could relate… because I had the same question when I was getting started.

How do I get a list of copywriting prospects so I can start landing clients?

Here’s what I told my new copywriting friend…


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3 Responses to “Reality Blog: How to Build a Better Prospect List”

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  1. Kathy Manweiler says:

    I’m all in on your suggestion to build a personalized list … and I’m discovering that I need to block out regular time in my schedule for building relationships on LinkedIn. Thank you, Steve!

  2. Helga George says:

    I read trade journals and newsletters in my niche. I also read the local business magazine, which has fantastic coverage of some local up and coming companies in my niche. One strategy that has proven surprisingly useful is that I kept my Indeed job list active, and I have found some really interesting companies because they were hiring technical staff.

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