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Reality Blog: How to Win Over Copywriting Prospects

Reality Blog: How to Win Over Copywriting Prospects

September 12, 2018 | By Steve Maurer | No Comments

Sooner or later, it will happen. If you’ve marketed yourself properly and put quality information in front of prospects…

They’ll contact you.

It may be an email or information sent via your website contact form. They might even call you on the phone!

I’ve mentioned before that when I first started, I was worried no one would contact me or want to talk to me about B2B copywriting.

Then… almost in the same moment… I panicked, wondering what to do if they did!

The first fear was unfounded. I did get requests from prospective copywriting clients. And as time marched on, they started contacting me more often.

Ah, but the second fear!

Once they did contact me, I needed something to say to them. Something that at least sounded halfway professional. Something that would impress them and persuade them to pursue the project with me.

I’m happy to say that I did hit my stride, learning how to speak comfortably with prospects. And yes, they do look at me as a professional B2B copywriter.

And no… I didn’t sign every prospect who walked through my virtual office door. But, I don’t need to.

And neither do you.

Nonetheless, you do need to be prepared to talk with potential clients. And if you know what to say, your odds of winning the gig increase.

By the way… so does the pay!

By the time you finish this article, it’s my hope that you’ll feel more confident about talking to prospects.

And, that the words you say and attitude you convey will help you persuade prospects that you are the copywriter they’ve been searching for!

Are you excited yet?

I am.

Let’s get going. This information comes from my most recent client exchanges.

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