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Special Report: Recommended Resources for B2B Copywriters

Special Report: Recommended Resources for B2B Copywriters

September 10, 2018 | By Charlotte S Hicks | No Comments

In this Special Report, we’ve gathered a list of the key recommended resources you’ll want to have on hand as a B2B copywriter.

Whether you’re just starting your career or you’re a seasoned copywriter, these are the programs, books, and subscriptions that will give you the extra edge in your career.

How to use the Special Report

While it’s tempting to stop everything and just read — don’t!

Your learning should supplement your business-building actions, not replace them. Keep talking with prospects, keep doing work for clients, and keep writing every day!

When you combine study and live writing experience, you’ll learn more and move toward your ultimate goals faster.

Use this list to determine what you should read or study next. Then, block out time each week to focus on that resource and use the remaining time to focus on getting clients and doing writing projects.

And when you read about a concept, put it into practice as soon as you can so it becomes second nature to you.

Enjoy your journey to B2B copywriting success!

Special Report – B2B Recommended Resources





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