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Get B2B Clients with a Contently Portfolio

Get B2B Clients with a Contently Portfolio

October 22, 2018 | By Julia Borgini | 2 Comments

Having a list of samples or clips on your website is a good way to show your work to prospective clients, but unless your SEO is really good or your prospects already have your URL, it’s challenging to get them seen.

Enter Contently. They offer freelancers a place where they can display samples for free, but they have an ulterior motive: they use the hosted portfolios to find writers for their roster of content marketing clients.

In this article, I’ll explain how to create your one-page portfolio on Contently and what to expect when working with a Contently client.

Why create a portfolio at all?

A portfolio is a great way to show that you’ve been hired by clients before and produced something for them. Clients care about this a lot, especially if they’re not used to working with outside writers.

The portfolio helps reassure them they’re making the right decision; you’re overcoming their internal objection about whether or not you can get the work done for them.

Why create a portfolio on Contently?

From their site:

Contently uses a simple, single-page portfolio interface that allows you to clearly display your work, topics of expertise, and skills.

Sure, it’s another way to help prospective clients get over their internal objection, but a Contently portfolio has another secret purpose: to help you find new Contently clients to write for.

Contently is a content marketing platform for brands where they manage everything about their content marketing program (planning, sourcing writers, editing posts, managing a content calendar, and more).

When brands sign up with Contently to use their platform, one of the features is access to their pool of talented writers. The platform analyzes all the content listed in freelancers’ portfolios and “surfaces” the right writer for their particular needs.

For freelance writers, this is a simple and easy way to get your name and work in front of the right kind of client without any effort.

How to Create Your Contently Portfolio

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  • I have no portfolio. Can I register? I have just selected a niche market
    So I don’t know whether I can register on Contently.

    • You’ll need a portfolio because that’s how they match you with clients. But getting a few samples for a portfolio is easy! There are several articles on B2B Writing Success about building a portfolio – and you don’t have to get clients to do it!

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