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Reality Blog: Where to Find B2B Copywriting Clients

Reality Blog: Where to Find B2B Copywriting Clients

October 31, 2018 | By Steve Maurer | 1 Comment

I knew it was coming. And, I was NOT prepared for it.

“Daddy… where do babies come from?”

Yeah, it was THAT question. The first time it came from my son. I struggled through it as best I could. Did a pretty good job, if I say so myself.

Poor kid!

By the time my daughter asked, I was confident.

But, I was still a little nervous, ready to pass the responsibility on to my wife. I knew Mary could handle it better than I could.

Fat chance that was happening!

So, I sat down with both kids and — to my extreme surprise — we all survived, pretty much intact.

At least… they’re all still talking to me.

Reality Blog: How and Where to Find Good B2B Copywriting Clients

I get a similar question from new copywriters. While it’s not as scary as the “baby question,” it’s still confusing to many new writers and the answer isn’t all that easy.

But, I had the same question when I started out.

So, how do you find B2B copywriting clients?

I’ll tell you this: The low-paying content job boards are not the place to start. Well, you can. But it’s best not to stay there long.

Fact is, there are many other places you can find good clients. And over time, these clients will pay you more than you might think possible.

Quick example?

Many new writers will pen a blog post or article for around $50. I’ve written them for even less!

But, I just signed some new clients. One that’s in my target market, pays me $300 per post.

Not bad!

So back to the question… just how do you find B2B copywriting clients?

Good question!

Thought you’d never ask!

Well… here’s where I find them.


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  • My best tactic has been to keep in touch with clients I enjoyed working with. Perhaps we only worked on a single project or maybe they changed jobs. The point is, by keeping in regular touch with them, they’ll remember me when they’re ready again.

    That’s lead to one new client for me this quarter (a former client who changed jobs & I’m now writing for her at the new place) and a good conversation with another former client who is a marketing consultant now for my niche. He wants to partner with me so he’s ready whenever a consulting client of his needs content done.

    I do all this with simple emails or LinkedIn messages, nothing fancy. Just a “how’s it going? What’s new?” sort of email. It almost always gets me a reply and is a great way to stay top-of-mind with them.

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