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Choosing an Invoicing App for Your Business

Choosing an Invoicing App for Your Business

November 26, 2018 | By Julia Borgini | 1 Comment

The eternal question: which invoicing app is best for you and your freelance writing business?

Sure, you know you should be using one to send out professional-looking invoices and maybe even track your business expenses. But there are so many choices out there!

Here’s some help so you can decide which is best for you…

Choosing an Invoicing App for Your Freelance Business

What do you need your invoicing app to do?

Are you a solo freelancer or do you work with a partner? Do you want to collect payments through the invoicing software? What about your expenses, do you want to track those too?

Each of our writing businesses is different and we each have different needs for our businesses.

Before you decide on an app, make a list of what you need it to do.

My needs are pretty simple. I need an app that creates pretty invoices, sends them to my clients or lets me download a PDF copy so I can send it, accepts payments via credit cards, and lets me track my expenses.

Oh, and generates easy-to-read reports so when its tax time, I have precisely the info I need already organized for me.

Other things to consider about your invoicing app

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  • Very good article. Great thought process on your needs vs your nice-to-haves. Are the apps you listed by preference or random? Which one, if any, do you use?

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