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The Forgotten Page on Your Freelance Website

The Forgotten Page on Your Freelance Website

November 12, 2018 | By Julia Borgini | No Comments

Your freelance website probably has all of the typical pages on it: Blog, Services, Resources, and Contact. You may even have a few landing pages and other specialty pages you use for targeted audiences, such as your newsletter sign-up page.

Each of these pages works well for you, until something breaks and your visitors are greeted with the “Page not found” error message and they hit the Back button.

Why not take advantage of that momentary pause and craft a new kind of landing page for your visitors that turns a possible negative event into a positive one?

Your “Page not found” page (or “404 page” in tech speak) can be an opportunity to provide support with an on-brand message that creates a memorable experience for your visitors and more importantly, keeps them on your freelance website.

The Forgotten Page on Your Freelance Website

5 reasons to create a customized 404 page

Broken or dead links can happen when a website is updated, the page that was linked to is deleted, or the link was mistyped.

Regardless of why it happens, a broken link that sends a visitor to a 404 page leads to a poor user experience and an increased bounce rate for your site. A customized 404 page keeps visitors on your site even if they don’t find what they were originally searching for.

Creating a customized 404 page is well worth the effort. Here are five reasons why:

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