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Reality Blog: Extras from Your Copywriting Business

Reality Blog: Extras from Your Copywriting Business

November 21, 2018 | By Steve Maurer | 3 Comments

It’s hard to believe, but my tenure as the B2B Writing Success Reality Blogger is almost over. Soon, another up-and-coming copywriter will be taking the reins.

And honestly, that’s a good thing.

It will be refreshing to hear another copywriter’s perspective as he or she grows a B2B copywriting business. For me, I’ll be able to sit back and learn from them as well.

Reality Blog: Extra Benefits from Your Copywriting Business

I was having a really difficult time coming up with a topic today. I wracked my brain, trying to think of something useful to share.

Sometimes I read the news or check out social media for ideas. And when I’m stuck, that often helps.

Not today.

You know… sometimes inspiration comes from the most unexpected places.

That happened today.

I wandered up to the living room, thinking I’d ask Mary for some ideas. She’s good at that, even though she’s not a copywriter herself.

We kicked some ideas around, but nothing seemed to click.

Then… it happened.

I stepped back to lean on the arm of the couch to think. And stepped on a toy!

My granddaughters were there and I could hear them giggling behind me as “Granddad” started hopping around, hollering.

Little stinkers, they are!

I turned to tell them it wasn’t that funny, when the television caught my eye.

They were watching a movie and all of a sudden… I had it!

I stared at the TV screen for a few minutes, almost singing along with the animated characters.

But then… HE came on the screen and the path became clear.

“Look inside yourself, Simba. You are more than what you have become.”

So today, we’ll look behind a bit, and find out what I have become.

And what you can become, too.

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  • Steve,
    Best wishes for your future and thank you for your practical advice. I’ve enjoyed it. Thanks for the encouragement.

  • Thank you so much Steve for a “hard-hitting” avenue of how to jump-start my copywriting career.
    I love your line:
    “Believe me, dreams really can come true… in their own time and way.”
    One of my biggest problems is the “Shiny-Object” syndrome. At least I am more aware of it than ever! I am 70 years young, and still have a 9-5 -40hr/week J.O.B.

    So I have mapped out my next 8 weeks – to get totally through one of my B2B programs. The excitement is growing. I know I can do it.

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