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How to Minimize Requests for Client References

How to Minimize Requests for Client References

December 3, 2018 | By Ed Gandia | No Comments

Reference requests can become a real headache for freelance writers.

You know the scenario… You’ve had some preliminary discussions about a prospect’s needs. You provide him or her with a quote. The prospect responds favorably. Everything’s looking good.

But then the prospect asks you for two or three client references.

How to Minimize Requests for Client References

While prospects have every right to ask for references, we can debate how truly useful they are. (Does anyone ever provide a BAD reference?)

More importantly, responding to reference requests eats up your time and energy — and keeps you jumping through hoops.

Worst of all, it can lead to reference fatigue. So when you really DO need a reference, you can’t go back to your main reference sources — because you’ve already asked them way too many times.

While you may never eliminate requests for references entirely, you can employ strategies to reduce them.

Four Strategies to Minimize Client Reference Requests

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