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Reality Blog: Copywriting Success by Keeping it Simple

Reality Blog: Copywriting Success by Keeping it Simple

December 26, 2018 | By Steve Maurer | 1 Comment

It doesn’t seem possible, but 2018 will be over in a few days. And 2019, with all its potential for success, is just around the corner.

Exciting times, no doubt.

This is the last Reality Blog of the year here at B2B Writing Success. And, it’s my last post as the Reality Blogger.

Reality Blog: Copywriting Success by Keeping it Simple

Starting in January, a new blogger will be taking the reins, with new insights, stories, and advice.

I’m excited to see what she says.

Actually, it will be kind of nice to sit in the audience for a change. No matter your level of expertise, learning from others is vital to growth.

Over my tenure here, I’ve done my best to make this real. To be transparent, as it’s called in the current vernacular.

Each of you have been great readers and I’ve appreciated your comments. I want you to know that you’ve helped me grow, too.

So in preparing for this last article, I’ve looked back over where I’ve been, where I am now… and what the future holds for this B2B copywriter.

I wanted to impart a few words of encouragement, teaching, and perhaps even some wisdom, as we all go forward this coming year.

What follows are some tips and advice to spur you on.

Ready to rock?

Let’s roll!


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  • steve–Wishing you continued success in 2019 and thanking you for your continued support.

    Merry Christmas and Safe and Happy New Year!

    Robin Waldron

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