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5 Freelance Copywriting Success Tips for 2019

5 Freelance Copywriting Success Tips for 2019

January 7, 2019 | By Charlotte S Hicks | 3 Comments

I have a confession.

I’m a bit of a learning junkie. Well, maybe more than a bit.

Where most people have home projects to purge clothes, I purge books, courses, and workshop materials.

There’s no telling how much money I’ve spent on professional education. And I have no regrets — everything I’ve studied has helped me in my career.

But there are a few lessons you don’t learn from books, courses, or workshops. Some lessons you only learn by doing.

They’re the lessons that come from things not quite working the way you thought they would and also from surprise successes.

5 Freelance Copywriting Success Tips for 2019

So, here are five freelance success lessons I’ve learned and how you can use them to jump-start your success this year.

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  • Good tips, thanks…I definitely need to work on more “consistent action.” I’m also a learning junkie and have so many courses, tips, and eBooks downloaded I’ll never get through all of them. Taking action either has to be a goal for me, putting myself out there a priority, or I need to give it up and move on to another career. (But I don’t want to! Lol )

    • Karen,
      Finding the balance between learning new things and implementing can be challenging but the results when you do can be amazing! I’m cheering you on in your copywriting business.

  • Thanks for this post. It was great timing. Yesterday I was feeling challenged by my new marketing plan for 2019 which was all about building relationships. It would be very slow in showing results.

    I talked with my mentor who asked a simple question: “How do you know if your prospect doesn’t need your services right now if you haven’t even asked?”

    After a good laugh, I realized that the “slowdown” in my relationship plan was me. So reading your third lesson, “Ask,” made me smile.


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