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Reality Blog: Goals and Habits for 2019

Reality Blog: Goals and Habits for 2019

January 16, 2019 | By Tammy Powell | 2 Comments

Last week, I discussed my ideas on how to get started as a B2B copywriter…

And I really do believe there’s a lot of power in just getting started, even if you’re not quite sure where to start…

But, that being said, it can still be helpful to know what to focus on first.

Reality Blog: How Goals and Habits Lead to SuccessI plan my goals each New Year, with a reassessment of how things are going each month. And while I can be fairly efficient in working toward those goals — I have to confess that on many days, I feel like I’m not accomplishing nearly enough…

I thought that working on time management would help me accomplish more. But, I was wrong…

Here are the goals and habits I focus on instead…

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  • This is a great article Tammy (I’d go for the radishes).

    I read another study about weight management that found there’s no such thing as willpower. The study put two groups of people (over time) in front of unhealthy tasty food.

    They found was that group told to avoid the unhealthy food did not get better at resisting it over time. Further, their stress levels were higher. The conclusion of the study was that the key to success is controlling your own environment. Self-employment anyone?

    • Thanks Derek! Sounds like you have better habits than me if you’d go for the radishes 🙂

      Interesting to hear about the weight loss study! I think you’re right that controlling your own environment makes it a lot easier to stick with good habits. Takes the decision out of it, so everything gets to be automatic.

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