Reality Blog: Turn Networking into Paid Projects

Reality Blog: Turn Networking into Paid Projects

January 30, 2019 | By Tammy Powell | No Comments

In-person networking can be one of the fastest, most efficient ways to meet and work with new clients.

Now I realize for some of you, networking sounds intimidating.

Reality Blog: Turn Networking into Paid Projects

While no two B2B copywriters are alike, there is a tendency among writers to be introverted. That’s what allows us to spend hours by ourselves, just typing away at our computers…

But unfortunately, that same tendency can make it difficult to talk ourselves up and advertise our services during face-to-face conversations with potential clients…

Of course, there are plenty of extroverted writers, too… but, whichever category you fall into, networking can be intimidating if you haven’t had a lot of practice developing this skill.

Here’s what’s helped me go from feeling intimidated at networking events to being confident and even landing paid projects…

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