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How to Show Your Expertise to Prospects

How to Show Your Expertise to Prospects

January 14, 2019 | By Kimberly Weitkamp | 1 Comment

Picture this… You’re on a call with a potential client. You’re really excited at the opportunity to work with them when the dreaded question comes up. “Where can I see some of your copywriting samples?”

Maybe you’re new or only have a few projects to your name. In short, you don’t have any client samples to show them. How can you show you know what you’re talking about if you can’t point to a past project?

Don’t worry — there’s still a way to show off your copywriting expertise without samples.

How to Show Your Copywriting Expertise Without a Portfolio

The term expert scares a lot of us. We think there’s always something more we need to learn before we can call ourselves an expert on a topic and let clients know about it.

Much like everything else, when it comes to your copywriting career, there’s no “gatekeeper” that can deem you an expert on an industry or project type.

You can take course after course, but there’s always more training you can do. What makes you an expert is what you know in comparison to what your client knows.

If you want to prove your copywriting expertise to your prospects, here’s how…

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  • Hi Kimberly,

    Just today, I joined B2B Writing Success and now, with a million questions bouncing around in my head, the suggestions you make in your article give me confidence that I might not be that far away from securing that first client.

    Thanks for these great insights!

    Allan Seabrook

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