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Reality Blog: Using Your Storytelling Skills

Reality Blog: Using Your Storytelling Skills

February 13, 2019 | By Tammy Powell | No Comments

A new potential client reached out to me via email the first time I was published on a big veterinary blog.

They liked my article about client empathy, and wanted to connect because of it.

This was back when I was first starting to write for a living, when I was feeling very unsure about how to get clients, and not quite confident in my writing abilities yet…

I was (pleasantly) surprised to see the response… and it really boosted my confidence.

Reality Blog: Using Your Storytelling Skills

If you read my Reality Blog post last week, then you already know my four reasons why I think it’s worthwhile to write articles.

Now, as promised, here are some more details on how to get started — and a storytelling technique you can use for articles and more…

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