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Marketing Yourself Roadmap: Creating a Marketing Plan

Marketing Yourself Roadmap: Creating a Marketing Plan

March 18, 2019 | By Jen Phillips April | No Comments

If you’ve ever wondered how to land clients (and how to keep the work coming) then this is for you. It’s a simple plan you can tweak for your needs and adjust over time.

After all, developing a marketing habit isn’t that different from planning (and sticking to) an exercise regimen. You don’t go to the gym sporadically and exist on cupcakes and expect to look fit and trim. It’s no different with your marketing.

You need goals, a plan, and a way to track it all so you can see your progress.

Marketing Yourself Roadmap: Creating a Marketing Plan

Once you have your website set up, identify what you’re selling and who you’re selling to. (Covered in the previous step, “How to Define Your Target Audience.”) If you have that in place, then you’re ready for this simple structured approach to marketing.

Best of all, this plan is simple enough to implement something each day or week, no matter how busy you get.

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