Marketing Yourself Roadmap: Thinking Like an Owner

Marketing Yourself Roadmap: Thinking Like an Owner

March 4, 2019 | By Jen Phillips April | 2 Comments

I planned my first ever road trip at 18. There was no GPS, no WAZE to steer us around traffic snarls. But my friend and I had a map, a destination, and a vehicle.

We left at dawn and had a goal of reaching my uncle’s home in New Orleans by late afternoon.
We got there with no problem because we planned ahead and knew the route. And if we got off track? We had a map and knew which direction we were going.

It’s the same with your business. You need to know where you’re going — and you need a plan.

Every successful business owner sets goals. They also create a roadmap to help them achieve those goals.
Sales goals work just like highway markers to tell you if you’re getting closer or further from your goals. If you set them, regularly evaluate them, and adjust as necessary, you’ll reach them.

Marketing Yourself Roadmap: Thinking Like a Business Owner

The Difference in Thinking Like a Freelance Writer vs. Thinking Like a Freelance Business Owner

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  • So true, Jen. Thanks for this. I’ve often gotten funny looks from people when I say I “own a business” and then when I tell them what it is, they reply, “oh, you’re just a freelancer”. Whatever. I’m not JUST anything. =)

    • Exactly! Of course, you’re not. And anyone who’s run a successful freelance business KNOWS it’s a business.

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