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Reality Blog: Health Insurance for Freelancers

Reality Blog: Health Insurance for Freelancers

April 3, 2019 | By Tammy Powell | No Comments

Maybe you’re already a full-time freelance writer… or, maybe you’re still working another job and starting your writing business on the side.

Either way, if you’re reading a blog about being a freelance B2B copywriter — I’m guessing you probably have some interest in heading that way yourself.

And while freelancing can be an amazing opportunity to earn an income while working on your own schedule, there are some obstacles to overcome along the way.

And one of the things that tends to hold people back is the lack of employer-provided health insurance.

Reality Blog: Health Insurance for Freelancers

But fortunately, as the freelancer work force grows, there are more options coming our way — here are just a few…

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