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2019 AWAI Copywriting Bootcamp Live Blog

2019 AWAI Copywriting Bootcamp Live Blog

May 14, 2019 | By Tammy Powell | 2 Comments

Date: May 14-17, 2019
 AWAI Copywriting Bootcamp Live Blog
Top Copywriting Experts

Each year, the AWAI Fast Track to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair brings together the top copywriting and marketing experts in the world.  And we’re on the ground in Delray Beach, Florida to give you a peek inside the event with special updates and commentary just for B2B copywriters.

In this live blog, you’ll have a window into the world of Bootcamp — in real time.  You’ll get tips and strategies by master copywriters and marketers such as Richard Armstrong, Ilise Benun, Ann Handley, Henry Bingaman, Jon Morrow, Yanik Silver, Nick Usborne, Gordon Graham, Michael Katz, Marcella Allison, Bob Bly, Dan Kennedy, David Deutsch, and more!

Here’s just some of what the experts will reveal:

  • ASAP: As Slow As Possible — The Magic of the Anti-Hustling Writer
  • Stand Out from the Crowd!
  • The only 3 Marketing Tools You’ll Need to get Clients in 2019
  • 40 Years of Lessons as a Freelance Copywriter
  • How to Break into a New Niche in B2B Copywriting
  • How to Instantly Transform Weak Copy into Winning Copy

The live blog kicks off Tuesday, May 14 with the evening session featuring Ann Handley.

Don’t miss this fun and fascinating live blog!

Bootcamp Preview, Monday 1:30pm

It’s that time of year again! Time for the AWAI Fast Track to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair!

The event is early this year, in May instead of October, but Delray Beach is just as lovely as ever, with its long beach full of rolling waves, palm trees swaying in the ocean breezes, and the typical Florida afternoon showers followed by dramatic pink and orange sunsets.

Bootcamp is officially kicking off later this evening, but lots of folks arrived a day early to get settled in. And, the festivities unofficially began last night with the Titanides book launch event.

Maybe you’re familiar with the Titanides from previous AWAI events. But in case you’re not: the Titanides are a networking, mentoring, and resource-sharing group for female entrepreneurs, marketers, and copywriters.

The Titanides events are usually only open to women, but last night, all genders were invited to participate in a special celebration — the launch of a new book featuring letters from many Titanides and AWAI members, called Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me this Sh*t Before?

The book features 65 letters written by “powerhouse” women, who share a piece of advice or wisdom they would have wanted to give to their younger selves when they were first starting out. It’s an inspiring collection of lessons learned, honest and raw advice, vulnerabilities, and motivation.

At the launch, there was a reception with drinks and hors d’oeuvres, and a brief welcome by co-editors Marcella Allison and Laura Gale.

Then, there was an opportunity to chat authors of the letters—including names you’ll probably recognize, like Pam Foster, Jen Adams, Ilise Benun, and more—and to get your book signed by them.

It was a heartfelt evening with lots of smiles and authentic networking opportunities in small groups—and a great start to this year’s conference!

And now, I can’t wait to see what the official opening of Bootcamp tonight brings…

I’m excited for sooooo many of the speakers—and I think the opening talk by Ann Handley is going to be one to remember. She’s going to tell us why slowing down your marketing and writing efforts can get you better results.

I’ll keep you updated as the opening events get under way!

Tuesday 5:30pm – A Welcome from Katie Yeakle

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Friday 2:02pm, Awards and Inspiration

Following the morning talks, there was a success panel that featured five copywriters who started at Bootcamp and are currently out there making a living with their writing.

It was inspiring to hear!

Then, it was time for the awards luncheon, which concluded the event.

Winners of spec challenges were announced for Wealthy Web Writer, the Professional Writers’ Alliance, AWAI, and of course, our own B2B Writing Success.

Congratulations to Daniel Ballard for winning the B2B Writing Success spec!

Then, the $10K Challenge winner was announced…

I’m very proud of Steve Maurer, my Reality Blog predecessor, for winning! And, he gave a moving speech that expressed his gratitude for his writing career, and inspired everyone in the room to take action one simple step at a time.

Following that, the Copywriter of the Year was announced, and it was another B2B master copywriter: Gordon Graham!

Gordon gave a fun and humorous speech, and encouraged us all to take action on our goals.

After the ceremonies, it felt like there was camaraderie and motivation in the air, as new friends said goodbye until next time, and many copywriters — new and experienced alike — planned out the next steps of their copywriting journeys.

With that in mind, I’ll leave you with an inspiring and helpful quote from Steve Maurer’s speech:

“Short-term intensity will always be trumped by long-term consistency.”

So, just take consistent steps, and your efforts will really add up over time!

I hope this blog has given you some inspiration, as well as valuable information, from some copywriting greats.

Wishing you lots of success in all your B2B copywriting goals…

… and hope to see you here next Bootcamp!

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