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Reality Blog: 3 B2B Client Pet Peeves

Reality Blog: 3 B2B Client Pet Peeves

May 22, 2019 | By Tammy Powell | No Comments

Over the past year, as I’ve talked to more and more potential B2B copywriting clients, I’ve started noticing a pattern…

It seems like a lot of them have been burned by badly behaved freelancers!

I’ve heard it plenty of times now — and just last week, I again found myself saying, “I’m sorry you had that experience… that must have been frustrating for you!”

But after the phone call, I realized something… It’s frustrating for me, too!

When some freelance writers give a bad name to the rest of us, it makes it harder for us to gain the trust of potential new clients.

So, let’s all band together to make our best impressions — and always uphold the good name of “freelance copywriter”…

… and avoid these three B2B client pet peeves that are based on recent, real-life client conversations.

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