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Reality Blog: Refining Your Copywriting Niche

Reality Blog: Refining Your Copywriting Niche

May 15, 2019 | By Tammy Powell | 2 Comments

I realized recently that I’ve been making a mistake in my marketing efforts.

You see, I’m happy that my website and LinkedIn profile have been sending new potential clients my way — but, unfortunately, many of them weren’t right for me.

And, some recent interactions made me realize that I may have to refine my niche even further — to really specialize.

Here’s what made me realize my mistake, and pointed me in a new direction…

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  • This very topic, refining your niche, was discussed in several circles at Bootcamp this year. I can see where it will make my life much easier and boost my chances for success as a copywriter. I have started thinking about it myself and plan on giving it a try.

    • Thanks Maynard! Do you already have a general niche chosen? I hope refining will help you see results and get clients!

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