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Reality Blog: Starting on a Budget

Reality Blog: Starting on a Budget

May 8, 2019 | By Tammy Powell | 1 Comment

Moving is expensive!

If you’ve been reading this blog, then you know I’m in the process of moving from Colorado to Arizona.

I was planning to rent an apartment for six months, while I got the lay of the land and looked for something more permanent.

But, fate intervened — the perfect house presented itself immediately upon my arrival.

It was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up… and I’m happy to say that I’m now a homeowner!

It’s really exciting! But, I’m back to a tighter budget for a little while, until the closing costs and miscellaneous expenses are settled.

And all this makes me think back to when I first quit my job and started my copywriting business without a backup plan — and made it work on a budget.

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  • Being Scottish, I have been trained all my life to be frugal. You say “When you start to consider your priorities for both your finances and your time” and I have considered these priorities all my life.

    Now, I’m living in South America and the finance part is so much easier that I can begin to rethink my time priorities. When I am in a village and go in to a shop, I can no longer ask “Do you have XYZ?” and walk out if they say no. I am expected to say Good Day, how are you, and listen to what they say and perhaps chat about it.

    Five minutes later, I know the shopkeeper better, even though they didn’t have what I want.

    Those five minutes may lead to the shopkeeper suggesting an alternative, or suggesting a shop that can help me. So, although it irritates me, if I don’t invest these five minutes wisely, I’ll be classified as a boorish ignorant Gringo, and the shopkeeper will be as unhelpful as possible.

    So, my lifelong priorities in time and money are changing. I’m not interested in a four-figure income, when I can get just as much of what I want for $25,000.

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