Productivity Roadmap: The Science of Productivity

Productivity Roadmap: The Science of Productivity

June 25, 2019 | By Claire Dorotik | No Comments

At this point on our Roadmap, we know that reaching our goals, realizing our potential, and becoming truly productive are innate human needs. We also know that not feeling good enough, capable enough, skilled enough, or that we don’t belong act to sabotage of our efforts toward realizing our goals.

And, if we view failure as something to be avoided, we will have trouble picking ourselves up and starting again after a setback.

In this module, I want to talk about what we do about it.

Our goal is not to eliminate negative feelings, or to simply “push through them.”

Here is why: When we are doing something we truly enjoy and feel uniquely qualified for, it should be enjoyable.

That is not to say that we will never become frustrated, uncertain, or overwhelmed, but these feelings should not dominate our experience.

However, to get there, we have to have the right amount of challenge.

Let me give you an example.

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