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How to Write Compelling B2B About Pages for Clients

How to Write Compelling B2B About Pages for Clients

July 22, 2019 | By Jen Phillips April | 1 Comment

Have you ever read a B2B “About” page?

Did it offer insight into the people behind the company or was it “corporate speak” heavy on jargon and missing the opportunity to connect with its customers?

The point of an About page is to help potential customers to connect with a business.

Sadly, many companies don’t always recognize this opportunity. Too many About pages have lingo-filled language and dry Mission Statements, don’t include photos, and forget to focus on their potential customers.

It’s easy to see why. After all, the About page seems like it would be all about the company, right?

Yet, we live in a world where humans do business with other humans — no matter how much we try to automate.

Which means, it makes sense to use all the practices of good, persuasive writing on the About page just like you would on any other web page.

4 Common Mistakes on About Pages (and How You Can Improve Them)

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  • This piece on about page is really valuable to me as a newbie copywriter. I guess it will be easy for me to weave an “About Page” content with this guide if I have the relevant information from my client,

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