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The Most Necessary Traits of Successful People

The Most Necessary Traits of Successful People

July 1, 2019 | By Jen Phillips April | No Comments

If you’ve ever felt like your success has taken a detour and even a siesta along the way, you’re not alone.

Walt Disney was told “You’re not creative enough”…

Julia Child lost her advertising manager role for “gross insubordination”…

And one day, comedian Jerry Seinfeld showed up to work to find he’d been written out of a show.

While it’s easy to imagine the road to success is as well marked as a major highway, anyone who’s ever achieved a goal knows it can be fraught with missteps and detours.

University of Pennsylvania Professor Angela Lee Duckworth has spent the past decade studying what she considers a defining characteristic for achieving goals — grit.

In her New York Times Best Seller, Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance, Duckworth talks about grit and how it differs from other traits of successful people like resilience and focus.

It turns out grit, as she defines it, is less about working hard and more about working toward a consistent interest. After all, if you’re doing something you hate, it’s going to be hard to keep going when things don’t seem to go your way.

6 Ways to Develop Grit and Other Traits for Success

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