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Reality Blog: Should freelancers have office hours?

Reality Blog: Should freelancers have office hours?

August 14, 2019 | By Tammy Powell | No Comments

“Are you available during regular business hours?”

It was something I had never planned to answer as a freelancer…

After all, I enjoy the “free” part of being a freelancer… that is, being free to make my own hours, and free to work remotely from wherever I choose…

So, would being available during regular business hours detract from the freedom of the writer’s life?

Or, would it be worth it for this particular client?

As I looked at this question from a prospective client, I wasn’t sure how to answer. And even though I really do want to work with them… I didn’t want to say “yes” as a knee-jerk reaction.

So, I put together a series of considerations to help me decide how to answer — here’s what I came up with…

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