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Reality Blog: Who’s Your Copywriter Support System?

Reality Blog: Who’s Your Copywriter Support System?

August 28, 2019 | By Tammy Powell | No Comments

As a copywriter, which of these folks do you know in your life?

There’s the friend or family member who asks you how long you are going to keep up this copywriting “hobby,” and asks when you’re going to get a “real job” again…

Then, there’s someone who’s their polar opposite. It might be a friend or family member, or possibly a former colleague. But whoever they are, they have your back, and always make you feel better when you have a bad day or a missed opportunity.

And then, there may also be well-meaning acquaintances, or even strangers, who like to give you lots of advice… even though they’ve never tried to do what you’re doing.

People you know or meet in life may fall on varying degrees throughout this whole spectrum. And that’s okay. But, what you’ll want to do is be sure you’ve got at least a person or two who can be part of your copywriting support system.

For me, it makes all the difference in the world, especially if I’m ever doubting myself, or if I ever receive difficult feedback from a client (or get turned down altogether by a potential client). My support system helps me feel better and get back on track.

So, how do you find, create, or grow that support system? Here are a few ways…

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