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Want More Profits? Add User Experience (UX) Copywriting Services

Want More Profits? Add User Experience (UX) Copywriting Services

August 19, 2019 | By Jan Davis | 1 Comment

You drive to the grocery store, park, and walk in. As the doors open, it smells like rotten fish. Do you enter the store or run as fast as you can?

You run, because your initial experience is horrible. Your user experience (UX) at this grocery store is less than stellar. And you’ll tell all your friends how horrible it was. Plus, you’ll vent on social media too.

At the next grocery store, you’re stopped by a uniformed gentleman as you pull into the parking lot. He asks if you want a free carwash and detailing while you shop.

You think, how nice; you’ve been meaning to clean out your car and wash it. He explains that the service is free, and if you’d like an oil change at the same time it would only be a $20 charge. Plus, it’s all guaranteed to be completed within an hour.

You opt out of the oil change this time, but can’t wait for the car wash.

You’re instructed to take your vehicle to the front entrance, where Sally will take care of you. And sure enough, Sally is waiting for you with a big smile when you pull up.

She takes down your phone number and tells you she’ll text you when the car is done. And when you’re ready, she’ll bring your vehicle back to you and help you load your groceries.

You walk into the store and it smells like freshly baked gooey chocolate chip cookies.

Your user experience (UX) at this grocery store is fabulous. Not only will you tell all your friends, but you’ll come back again and again.


Now, let’s relate that to online… Every day, you have user experiences (UX) with technology.

And yes, you can have smelly experiences or sweet gooey chocolate chip moments.


Good UX copy gives you those sweet experiences on websites and apps.

What is a UX Copywriter?

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Jan Davis

Jan Davis is a freelance B2B content writer and UX copywriter who loves helping companies through great copy and user experiences. Jan publishes at where you’ll find tips about creating good user experiences, business, and content marketing. She lives on a homestead with her family, fur animals, and nature.

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One Comment

  • Jan Davis piece is to the point. Knowing how best to convincingly address customers is magic that must increase sales. More grease to your elbow, Jan.

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