Tech Roadmap: Menu Icons in WordPress Websites

Tech Roadmap: Menu Icons in WordPress Websites

September 10, 2019 | By Julia Borgini | No Comments

Most WordPress navigation menus are plain text links, such as Home, Blog, or Contact. You probably haven’t given them much thought, especially since text works better on mobile devices. You want everyone to be able to navigate your freelance writing website easily, right?

Yet, to make your desktop site more unique, you may want to add icons to your navigation menu. Icons help communicate the core idea and intent of your menu items and can enhance the visual look of your website.

For example, Oracle uses them on their site to help with localization since they’re a global company.

Oracle menu icons

Carbonmade uses them as part of their branding.

Carbondale menu icons

No matter your reason for using them, here’s how to add icons to your navigation menu in WordPress.

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