4 Ways to Be Irreplaceable to Clients & Irresistible to Prospects

4 Ways to Be Irreplaceable to Clients & Irresistible to Prospects

October 28, 2019 | By Daniel Ballard | 2 Comments

Competing on price is a race to the bottom… there will always be someone willing to lowball a project. As a trained professional, that’s a race you don’t belong in.

Besides, B2B marketers prefer to work with fellow trained professionals, and have the budgets to support professional fees.

In fact, an analysis of customer studies performed by the consulting firm Bain reveals 40 “Elements of Value”… of which, only one is price.

There are 39 other elements that are important to customers. And one trait stands out as something you should nurture in your business relationships. It will increase your value and make you more irresistible to prospective clients…

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  • I’m confused. Where is the article outlining the 4 ways, etc.? The intro ends with dot, dot, dots and no full article to follow. ??? Clicking on any of the accompanying links (Author’s name, Article, B2B Business Building) just loops back to the selection of articles again. Since I originally found this posted in the B2B FB group, you would think it would seamlessly be available to read.

    • Hi, Claire, I’m honestly not sure what you’re seeing. I’ve clicked on the link and I’ve gone to the website and searched, and I find the full article no matter which way I navigate to it. Can you try again? Maybe there was a glitch when you were initially accessing it?

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