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Reality Blog: How to Write an Awesome Autoresponder Sequence

Reality Blog: How to Write an Awesome Autoresponder Sequence

October 23, 2019 | By Tammy Powell | 2 Comments

Emails are one of my favorite projects as a B2B copywriter. And I especially love writing emails where I get to do a bit of storytelling.

That’s why I really like working on autoresponders, which are series of emails that a prospect receives after they’ve “opted in” by giving someone their email address.

Here’s a great trick that will help you write an effective autoresponder series, one that will make your client very happy and possibly lead to more projects…

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  • Thank you Tammy, I really like this article because it gives me a thought system to use that is realistic. Your methods make sense and are strategies I can put to use.

  • Thank you so very much “Tammy” for your great information! I am new here and I do enjoy emails, Thank again, Carrie Hayes

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