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A Simple Way to Prepare Your Clients for Higher Rates

A Simple Way to Prepare Your Clients for Higher Rates

November 5, 2019 | By Julia Borgini | No Comments

At some point, you’ll want to raise your rates. After all, with each passing year as a freelance B2B copywriter, you’ve gained knowledge, skills, and experience that should earn you more.

You’ve also understood how to sell a client on the value you’re delivering, and the resulting higher price for it. So, you know how to sell future clients at that premium price.

But what about your existing clients?

You want to keep them as clients since you’ve already developed a working relationship with them.

Some experts say to bite the bullet and give your clients 3-6 months’ notice you’re raising your rates. If they’re good clients, they’ll stick with you because they understand the value you’re delivering.

This is a risky move since they can just as easily say they’re moving on, even if they understand the value you deliver. That’s because they need to be able to prove the value to their bosses.

So, how can you prepare your clients for your higher rates and still keep them?

Try this simple tactic…

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