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When Good Clients Refer Bad Prospects to You…. Do This

When Good Clients Refer Bad Prospects to You…. Do This

December 16, 2019 | By Julia Borgini | No Comments

One of the best ways to get new clients is through referrals from your existing clients. They tend to be similar to the clients you have, which means they’re probably a good fit for you. It’s very gratifying to hear a referral client say, “Your client told me about how awesome your writing is and how great it is to work with you, so I want us to work together too.”

A continuous stream of referrals is the dream scenario for any freelance writer. It’s the payoff for how you work hard to build a good business that offers a quality product or service, and cultivate each client relationship carefully.


But what happens when a good client refers a bad prospect to you? You can’t risk doing lousy work for them because your referring client might hear about it, but the entire project might put you in a stressful situation that affects your entire business. One client shouldn’t put your entire business at risk, no matter where they came from.


What to Do When Good Clients Send Bad Clients to You

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