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Reality Blog: How to Find and Work with Critique Partners

Reality Blog: How to Find and Work with Critique Partners

December 18, 2019 | By Tammy Powell | No Comments

Yesterday, I was reading through email copy from a good writing buddy of mine. The email was strong, but in this case, it was true that “two heads are better than one.” When we analyzed and edited the copy together, the result was definitely stronger than the original version.

And besides offering critiques, I’ll often ask my friend for help with my own copy. When I’m too close to my work — especially for long or complex projects — it helps to have a fresh set of eyes to be sure everything makes sense and is engaging.

It takes time to find the right critique partner or partners — but when you do, the working relationship can be mutually beneficial, and help to advance your copywriting career.

Here’s how to find and work with critique partners…

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