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Reality Blog: Don’t Let Mental Blocks Distract You

Reality Blog: Don’t Let Mental Blocks Distract You

March 25, 2020 | By Tammy Powell | 1 Comment

What’s keeping you from getting your work done?

There are plenty of distractions out there, like the lure of more enjoyable activities, the rabbit hole of online research, or housecleaning as an excuse to procrastinate on writing.

However, sometimes “internal” distractions can be even more insidious than external ones.

Here’s what’s been acting as a mental block for my writing lately, and what I’m doing about it…

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One Comment

  • It is so easy isn’t it, to put things on the back burner that you should be doing NOW. I am so guilty of that at times. Like now, I am working on something new, and so scary, to me and have found so many other things to concentrate on, so it stays in the other room instead of in front of me where it should be.
    So thank you for this timely reminder. Take ownership and take action.
    Going to get my project right now.

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