Why Jargon Hurts Your Authority as a B2B Copywriter

Why Jargon Hurts Your Authority as a B2B Copywriter

March 30, 2020 | By Elaine Thompson | 1 Comment

Jargon can mean anything from industry-speak to SEO keyword stuffing. In a nutshell, jargon is any high-level, technical word or phrase that only some of your audience will understand.


Some jargon is more hated than others, but jargon isn’t always inherently bad. The problem is, everyone uses it. Jargon finds a way to sneak itself into the copy of even the best B2B copywriters. And it’s a problem when writers use it as a crutch.


Words like “bandwidth,” “brick-and-mortar,” and “synergize” may sound cool and authoritative, but they’ll likely fall on deaf ears. As smart as you may think you sound when you write with business jargon, if it doesn’t help your readers understand the crux of your client’s objectives or products, it isn’t successful content marketing.

Why Jargon Hurts Your Authority


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