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Know When to Create a B2B Copywriting Referral Agreement

Know When to Create a B2B Copywriting Referral Agreement

April 13, 2020 | By Julia Borgini | No Comments

Sometimes a project comes your way that you don’t have time for, or maybe it’s not quite in your wheelhouse. So, you pass it along to another freelance B2B copywriter you know.

A few months later, it happens again. And again. Suddenly, you’re referring projects to other writers at least once a month. After taking a moment to enjoy the fact that your marketing is working so well that you have leads coming at you from all sides, it’s time to get real.

Those referred jobs are work you’re not getting paid for. As a freelance writer (and small business owner), you’ve got to think of income streams and how they can make you money. If you’re making at least three referrals every month, it’s time to write up an official referral agreement to send to every writer you refer business to.

Here’s the why, when, what, and how you can draft a referral agreement that works for you and your referral partners.

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