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7 Ways to Generate Leads for Your B2B Clients with Quizzes

7 Ways to Generate Leads for Your B2B Clients with Quizzes

May 18, 2020 | By Charlene Boutin | No Comments

Have you thought about adding quiz writing to your list of services for B2B clients?

You should!

Asking questions is a powerful way to engage prospective customers. Not only does hearing a question affect what our brains do in that moment, it can also impact future actions as well.

Questions trigger a mental reflex called “instinctive elaboration.” Basically it means that when your brain is thinking about the answer to the question, it cannot reflect on anything else. Answering the question takes over the brain’s thought process.

So, when you ask someone a question, you grab their attention and force their minds to consider only your question.

Grabbing that kind of focused attention can help your clients in today’s marketplace of short attention spans.

A quiz can also strengthen the connection with the prospect and influence their perception of your client.

These are very powerful advantages from just a short series of questions!

Now, if you’re not sure how you could position this new service, or how to convince new or existing clients that purchasing a quiz from you is a good idea, you can use these seven benefits to convince clients the quizzes are effective lead generation tools.

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