Content Roadmap: How and Why to Get B2B Content Retainer Gigs

Content Roadmap: How and Why to Get B2B Content Retainer Gigs

May 26, 2020 | By Lisa Christoffel | No Comments

So far, our Roadmap for Content Marketing Success has covered what content marketing is, how large the opportunity is, and how you put together an effective content marketing strategy.

We’ve also covered some best practices: how properly segmented audiences ensure your content hits the target, how to consistently generate content ideas, and tips and tricks to write more efficiently and effectively.

Last week, we talked about the seven steps to follow to get hired to write content.

Today, in our last installment, we’re going to talk about the holy grail for content writers… the retainer assignment… what it is… why your client might want to give you one… and why you would want one. And how to get one.

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