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Reality Blog: My Best B2B Copywriting Career Advice

Reality Blog: My Best B2B Copywriting Career Advice

May 27, 2020 | By Tammy Powell | 3 Comments

Well, it’s been nearly a year and a half… and even though it feels like it went by very fast, my time as your Reality Blogger is coming to an end.

Next month, you’ll be hearing from our new Reality Blogger… and I personally am looking forward to reading about their journey!

I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing from me, and that my stories and blog posts have been helpful to you — whether for specific advice, or just for camaraderie and a realistic view into my daily ups and downs as a copywriter.

Before I go, I’d like to leave you with my best copywriting career advice.

These are things I wish I would have realized sooner, and concepts that continue to help me at all ongoing stages of my career.

I hope you’ll find this advice helpful, too!

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  • Hey,
    I wish I could have seen your face or is that prohibited, but wonderful post with so much content. This is my very first class and I hope to be at your level of writing some day, but for now my attention span is that of a chicken….LOL

    Come back soon Tammy!


  • Nothing much to say, I am fresh as a freshman just as when I joined the Army. A complete stranger who knew no one and had no friends. However, I overcame that huddle in no time and even drill sergeant became my friend. Just a little humor to start off with this beautiful Sunday morning that the Lord has made. 🙂


  • Thanks, Tammy for the great advice. Now all I have to do is put that advice to work. I’ve always dreamed of being a “writer.” This content and all the articles will offer the way to proceed with my goals in addition to getting paid for doing what I love: write. I intend to follow all the good advice in all the rich articles and wait for the day I will be declared a copy-writer.
    Thanks again, Lenora Powell

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