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Reality Blog: Tips for Crafting an Effective Call-to-Action

Reality Blog: Tips for Crafting an Effective Call-to-Action

May 6, 2020 | By Tammy Powell | No Comments

As a B2B copywriter — whether you write informational content or direct-response sales letters or anything in between — writing an effective call-to-action is an important part of your skill set.

A call-to-action is the part where you ask the reader or prospect to take action — where you ask them to buy the widget, sign up for the newsletter, or do some other task.

Two of my clients recently had requests for very different types of calls-to-action, so it got me thinking about all the factors that go into creating this important part of my copywriting projects.

Here are some different styles I use for different clients, and how I know when to use each one…

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