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Reality Blog: Heard About These Google Apps?

Reality Blog: Heard About These Google Apps?

June 10, 2020 | By Curtis Dennis | 2 Comments

Frequently, I joke that “Google is my business partner” since I use so many of their apps and services to grow my online business.

And that got me thinking an article about all of the available Google perks could be helpful. If you have a Gmail account, that’s all you need to get started.

Everyone knows about Gmail, YouTube, and Calendar, so instead I want to focus on some of the other options from “The World of Google Apps” that you may or may not know about yet.

No, they aren’t some super-secret apps that I learned about by wandering the halls of the Google campus — after hours, dressed in black, with night-vision goggles. No, no, no, that wasn’t me!

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    • Hi Mary,

      The GMB is very easy to set up, and the basic version is free. You enter your basic info, name, site URL, physical address, set your hours, and contact preferences. The whole process can be done in thirty minutes or less.

      There is also a paid version available, where for the $$ spent you can get a custom GMB URL and create a custom landing page for GMB visitors.

      GMB allows your listing to come up when someone enters an appropriate search term. Mine is set up using the term freelance copywriter. So when someone searches for a copywriter near my physical location, I show up in the search results.

      According to my GMB stats, I only get between 5-10 visitors from the GMB search each month. But I think most professionals and managers are probably not using GMB to find a copywriter like me. They are most likely looking on Linked In or possibly in a FB group for potential writers to hire. If I owned a food or drink business, I am certain that GMB would drive a lot more customers my way.



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