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Use This Tactic to Maximize Your B2B Prospecting Success

Use This Tactic to Maximize Your B2B Prospecting Success

June 1, 2020 | By Abraham Onu | 1 Comment

I overcame a challenge in my B2B prospecting — and I want to show you how today, so you can do the same.

Imagine that at first, you’ve read through your B2B training program… Learned the skills from the pros… Practiced well. Till you now feel “you’ve got it down cold.”

You’re excited about living the writer’s life — you CAN’T WAIT to reap the benefits…

You go out to look for clients… And lo and behold…

No prospective client is responding.

You’re still optimistic, but it’s hard to wait for a response.

I understand.

The frustration I felt at the wait led me to develop a strategy to help me stay active and rejuvenated in my prospecting. So powerful, it keeps me going irrespective of the prospective client saying “yes.”

I still use this strategy today.

And I wake up every day with new energy and drive to prospect again. And again. And again.

Because even when your calendar is full, you should always have a prospecting process. A full pipeline increases the resilience of your business and the success of your writer’s life.

Waiting for a prospect to say “yes” is frustrating. But this strategy will help you look at this process as a routine part of your business, and even enjoy the process.

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  • I really enjoyed the article and the tips you provided. I do think that it’s easy to get down on yourself when prospecting for clients. But, as you suggested, celebrate that you are moving forward by setting those prospect goals, and then reaching them on a daily basis.

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