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Attract B2B Copywriting Clients with Mindset as Well as Skill Set

Attract B2B Copywriting Clients with Mindset as Well as Skill Set

August 3, 2020 | By Diane Sweeney | 2 Comments

My daily bike ride takes me along the East Branch of the Brandywine Creek in Southeastern Pennsylvania. This ‘piece of the creek’ is about 25 miles north of where it joins the Christiana River to empty in to the wide and historic Delaware River.

While my wheels spin along on the six-mile trail, there is a beautiful spot where the creek bends. It widens for a bit after the bend, then turns again and disappears from my sight. About a half mile further, I am suddenly riding alongside the flowing water again — and then soon — it gently curves, and the creek disappears once more.

The business of copywriting and acquiring clients can be compared to the flow and twists and turns of the creek. You find yourself in the flow for a period of time. You’ve got a good client or a few steady projects.

Then something changes. You come to that bend. A client doesn’t like the piece you submitted, you can’t seem to get through a project, or you’re told your services are no longer needed.

When the consistent work of creating (and making money!) disappears, your flow should not stop — it should just change direction.

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Diane Sweeney

Diane M. Sweeney is a professional SEO and content copywriter and strategist. At her desk, overlooking Beaver Creek in Chester County, PA she enjoys writing articles and web content to inform, persuade, and entertain. Her work can be found at

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