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How to Write Your B2B Blog Faster and Better with One Trick

How to Write Your B2B Blog Faster and Better with One Trick

August 31, 2020 | By Jen Phillips April | 1 Comment

If you’ve ever stared at the blinking cursor, wondering what to write for your B2B blog, you’re not alone. Everyone needs at least a topic and a goal.

It’s not unlike concocting a tasty meal out of pantry staples. With cooking experience, it’s easy to do if you have a framework in mind for what types of flavors go well together. If you’re a kitchen novice, it’s more challenging. You may rely on recipes instead.

After all, a recipe gives you a step-by-step framework for cooking a meal.

Writing is similar.

Experienced writers write from a framework or outline (even if they do it unconsciously).

Take the ever-popular list post: “X Ways to Do Y.” They are popular with both readers and writers due to their straightforward structure. You know you need an introduction, a few examples, and a conclusion.

That’s your framework.

Frameworks give your writing organization or structure.

And just like cooking, organization helps you write faster and better.


Why a Writing Framework Is Important

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